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The Way of the Arrows - Uranio Paes - Enneagram Workshop


The Way of the Arrows – Uranio Paes – Enneagram Workshop

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Engaging the Enneagram’s Power and Momentum

“Our inner state of being defines our life. We produce everything in our lives; not the other way around”

We have now completed the first workshop with Uranio Paes here in Sydney Australia. Everyone who attended many from interstate experience Uranio’s unique and highly experiential approach to Enneagram work, grounded in Wisdom Tradition and fortified with intellectual rigour. Held at The Loft Five Dock, the session was inspiring and transformative for all of the participants, I would like to thank all those who attended and made this a very special workshop to start Uranio’s first time working in Australia.

We are now in the desert of Central Australia at Ross River undertaking the Consciousness Experience with Uranio Paes and traditional medicine man Frank Ansell, where we hope to discover and how to live from the place of conscious authenticity and how we respond and not react to situations and relationships in line with our values, ethics, honesty and integrity.

I am excited to see what we discover during this spiritual place and time together.

Additionally, I would love to share some words from one of our participants, Hilary Langford. Who sums up the experience of the first The Way of the Arrows workshop.

 A Reflection on

The Way of the Arrows Workshop with Uranio Paes at ‪#‎EnneagramHQ

“It’s taken me a few hours to try to verbalise what I gained from the 3 day, The Way of the Arrows Workshop, with Uranio Paes in Sydney at Enneagram HQ. I have decided it’s impossible.
I have come to the conclusion that it is too much to explain! But I can say –

  • Was it the deeper understanding of the instincts … As if, for the first time, I am truly getting how my stacking impacts my type?
  • Was it his understanding of the ‘Stations’ of the Enneagram diagram (from his profound 4th Way background) that gave me a whole new understanding of the journey and depth of growth this Enneagram journey brings to us?
  • Was it the intuitive and deeply respectful way Uranio worked with each of us, separately, so that we worked through the, previously, ‘too hard’ issues?
  • Or was it merely the satisfaction of making more logical connections on this never ending Enneagram journey?

And the amazing participants whose openness and deep support made this a transformative journey.

If you have the opportunity to attend something Uranio is conducting, sign up. But I promise it will be quite different from anything you have attended before. That’s why it’s hard to explain. But it was so worthwhile.”

We still have spots remaining for Uranio’s second workshop of The Way of the Arrows at The Loft Five Dock. Please visit our courses page to register for your spot.


“Life is far away from reality. It’s just a collection of projections.”

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