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The Consciousness Experience in the Deserts of Central Australia


The Consciousness Experience in the Deserts of Central Australia

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Having completed The Consciousness Experience Retreat in the Deserts of Central Australia with leading Enneagram facilitator and intuitive Uranio Paes and Frank Ansell, traditional medicine man from the Arrernte community in Central Australia, some 2 weeks ago, I have some time to reflect on the experience and its meaning to integrate it into my consciousness. I was looking over some notes that I took on the plane coming home. I’d like to share them with you.

‘These past five days in the Australian desert have been an opportunity to ground my being in the vastness of the Land. I’ve visited significant sacred sites of our indigenous people and have had to “go with the flow”. I’ve experienced the profound energy work of Uranio Paes. I have made the time a real pilgrimage experiencing the vastness of Country, vastness of Uluru and the Kata Tjuta. This experience has certainly made me re-evaluate the importance I place on me, and my place in this vast system we call the Universe. We are so insignificant on one hand, yet so significant when I think of the contribution I can make to this world.

The ‘inter-connectedness’ of all things becomes so obvious when you are in the Desert. We experienced a massive thunder storm, with rain like I have never seen; within minutes that water fed into a creek which then flooded and cleaned out the debris which we had seen that morning. The thunder display lit up the sky. The ferocity of the rain and wind, the force of the torrent of water which formed in the creek, all juxtaposed in the clean quiet of dawn after the storm. A still freshness filled the air and it was as if a new creation was about to begin.

So, my insights from these few days are –

  • things come and go;
  • there are times we need turmoil for a quiet peace to exist;
  •  I know so little about the intimate and fragile relationship of humankind and the Land, and
  • Silence: the great value of silence which can literally deafen you with its force. Silence enables us to listen; listen to the sound around us and the messages from within us which so often gets drowned out with the noise of everyday life.

Go to Central Australia and experience the wisdom it has to offer in it’s vast silence and landscape. And if you have the opportunity to participate in a Workshop with Uranio Paes, do so, and know that you are in for a transformative experience.

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