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Terms and Conditions

Enneagram HQ (Trading as: PaKay Pty Ltd ) (“PaKay Pty Ltd” “Enneagram HQ” “we” “us” or “our”) develops training resourses (“Training Materials”) Some Enneagram HQ Services are available to you for free, while others require that you create a User Account and pay a Subscription Fee for access. Access to and use of the Services, whether accessed with or without payment are subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

By subscribing to the Services or creating a User Account, you also agree to the provisions of the Enenagram HQ’s Privacy Policy, available at http://www.enneagramhq.com/privacy-policy/ (the “Privacy Policy”), which are all incorporated herein by reference. This Agreement and Privacy Policy include important legal information, including the exclusion of certain warranties and remedies. You are responsible for reviewing this Agreement and the Privacy Policy. The Enneagram HQ Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. Enneagram HQ will take steps to provide notice on the Site of changes to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You are responsible for reviewing any changes to the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy.


In order to obtain access to the Services, you must create a Enneagram HQ account (“User Account”) and pay the appropriate fees for access to the services you request. By creating a User Account, you represent and warrant the information you provide is accurate and complete. You may never use another’s account or share your User Account with others. An institution or individual may not purchase a single user account and share that user account among multiple persons or groups.

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your password and are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your User Account. If you believe your User Account has been breached or used in any unauthorised manner, you must notify a Enneagram HQ representative immediately. Enneagram HQ is not responsible for any damage or losses caused by unauthorized use of your User Account. You, however, may be responsible to Enneagram HQ for any harm Enneagram HQ incurs due to unauthorised use of your Enneagram HQ User Account.

Group Accounts

Enneagram HQ Does not support Group Accounts at this stage.

Subscription Fees

Enneagram HQ offers services on a subscription fee basis according to the pricing and payment schedule available at http://www.enneagramhq.com/become-a-member/ (the “Subscription Fees”). You agree to pay the Subscription Fees and any other charges incurred in connection with your User Account (including any applicable taxes) at the rates in effect when the charges were incurred. If your subscription includes access to areas containing premium content or services, your access to such areas may be subject to additional fees, terms and conditions, which will be separately disclosed in such areas.

We will bill all charges automatically to your credit card, PayPal account or other payment method that Enneagram HQ offers and you select.


Subscription Fees will be billed beginning on the day of the month in which Enneagram HQ activates your User Account (the “Subscription Date”) and on the monthly anniversary of each Subscription Date thereafter for the Term of this Agreement and any renewal thereof. Unless we state in writing otherwise, all fees and charges are nonrefundable. We may change the fees and charges then in effect, or add new fees or charges, by giving you notice in advance. If you want to use a different credit card than one previously provided or there is a change in credit card validity or expiration date, or if you believe someone has accessed the Services using your user name and password without your authorisation, you must contact us immediately.

You are responsible for any fees or charges incurred to access the Services through an Internet access provider or other third-party service. For example, the Services may include large video files. You are responsible for payment of any bandwidth, data, or subscription charges you may incur from a service provider while utilising the Services.

Personal Information

When creating a User Account or using the Services, you will provide certain personal information to us (“User Information”). In addition to any provisions of our Privacy Policy, you agree that we may use your User Information to contact you regarding services we provide.

Proprietary Rights

All Training Materials, content, organisation, graphics, design, compilation, magnetic translation, digital conversion and other matters related to or included on the Site are protected under applicable copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary (including but not limited to intellectual property) rights.

The copying, modifying, distributing, transmitting, displaying, selling, licensing, using, publishing or creating derivative works by you of any such matters or any part of the Site, except as expressly allowed by the Agreement, is strictly prohibited. You do not acquire ownership rights to any Content or other materials viewed through the Site. The posting of information or materials on the Site does not constitute a waiver of any right in such information and materials.

Downloading Materials

Enneagram HQ may make certain Materials available through download services operated by or in affiliation with Enneagram HQ. In order to access these Materials, you must agree to and comply with any end user license agreements or terms and conditions associated with the downloaded Materials as well as these Terms and Conditions. You are not permitted to capture streamed videos or download videos from the Site in any manner that is not provided by Enneagram HQ.

Tracking and Monitoring

Enneagram HQ implements technology and procedures to track usage of the Site and its Services, including tracking and monitoring associated with individual user accounts. In addition to other information collected, Enneagram HQ may track the number of videos viewed, time elapsed during viewing and other information related to content viewing activities.

By utilising the Site and Services, you consent to tracking and monitoring of your use of the Site and Services. If Enneagram HQ determines, in its sole discretion, that you have engaged in any activities in breach of these Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy, Enneagram HQ may immediately terminate your account. You shall not be entitled to a refund for any fees paid. Enneagram HQ also reserves all legal rights, claims and causes of actions that it may have against you.

Trademarks / Service Marks

ENNEAGRAM HQ, WWW.ENNEAGRAMHQ.COM and EHQ’s logo are © Copyright to PaKay Pty Ltd. Other product and company names may be mentioned on the Site from time to time which may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. These trademarks and/or service marks may not be reproduced without the express written consent of the respective trademark or service mark owner.

Term and Termination

This agreement shall be in effect as of the date you create your User Account. The term of the Agreement for billing purposes shall begin as of the Subscription Date. When selecting the Services, you may enrol on a monthly or annual basis. Your subscription will renew automatically unless we terminate it or you notify us by telephone, mail, or e-mail (receipt of which must be confirmed by email reply from us) of your decision to terminate your subscription.

You must cancel your subscription before it renews in order to avoid billing of subscription fees for the renewal term to your credit card.

Termination by You

You may terminate your User Account at any time by notifying us of your desire to terminate. After receiving notice from you, we will terminate your account before the Subscription Date for the next billing cycle for your Services. You will not receive a refund for any fees paid to Enneagram HQ.

Termination by Enneagram HQ

Enneagram HQ may terminate your User Account with or without cause and without notice when terminated for cause. If you believe your User Account has been terminated in error, contact Enneagram HQ at [email protected] For example, Enneagram HQ may terminate a User Account, if it determines you have provided others with access to Training Materials with your User Account.

If it is determined by Enneagram HQ, in its sole discretion, that your User Account was terminated in error, Enneagram HQ will provide you with access to the Services at no charge for the period of time in which your User Account was terminated. This shall be the sole and exclusive remedy available to you for any termination in error. If Enneagram HQ terminates your account for cause, determined at the sole discretion of Enneagram HQ, you will not receive a refund for any Subscription Fees paid to Enneagram HQ.

Limited License

By subscribing to the Services, Enneagram HQ grants you a limited, non-exclusive license to view the Enneagram HQ Materials via the Enneagram HQ web site. This license shall terminate immediately upon termination of your Services. Following termination of your User Account, you shall immediately destroy any Training Materials or other content obtained through the Services. The Materials are the sole and exclusive property of Enneagram HQ or the respective creators of the Materials. Nothing herein grants you any ownership rights in the Materials.

You are not authorised to:

  • Share your User Account with others;
  • Allow more than one individual to access a User Account;
  • Copy, modify, distribute, capture, or save locally any of the Materials;
  • Remove any copyright or proprietary notice included on or in any Materials;
  • Circumvent or attempt to circumvent any encryption, security code, or other protection used in connection with the Training Materials;
  • Use the Services for any unlawful purposes;
  • Capture screen shots of Training Materials; or
  • Make Training Materials available to others in any format.

Representation of Ownership. Enneagram HQ represents and warrants that it is the sole and exclusive owner of the videos and tutorials included within the Training Materials (the “Content”), or otherwise holds sufficient rights in the Content to provide the Content to its users.


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