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Starting a journey - Enneagram HQ


Starting a journey – Enneagram HQ

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Being in the business of Graphics and Design I thought it would be easy creating the look and feel for the Enneagram HQ website. Wrong! I think that when you are creating something for yourself, you suddenly feel much more exposed, more on display. The process of getting the branding together was a long process, going to and fro with ideas, concepts and designs informed by research and data. But then to build the website. I didn’t think that it would be quite the job it was. With all the bells and whistles, our team kept raising the bar higher. And what a height it is! I hope you’ll agree, that the new Enneagram HQ website is stunning. It’s simple, yet sophisticated. You can now become a member of Enneagram HQ online, you can book your next course online, you can become a professional Enneagram HQ member and enjoy a library of over 80 videos on the Enneagram Types all online! You can order books and resources all online, making it a one-stop Enneagram site. And hold on, because there’s more coming each month!

Enneagram HQ hopes to become a hub where people come to learn about the Enneagram, with information and views from all the different Enneagram schools. We hope to share with you current teachings from those who are presenting grounded insightful learnings into the Enneagram and as such lead us into further insights to ourselves. 

Take a look at the new website – become a member to get a taste of what the resource library has in stock for you. It’s an exciting time at Enneagram HQ.

Sitting in the San Francisco airport lounge after having been at the IEA Enneagram Conference (IEA website), my mind is swirling with ideas and courses that we will be presenting in the next 12 months. Stay tuned; in the next two weeks we will let you in on the latest offerings we will presenting over the next 12 months at Enneagram HQ. 

Let me know your thoughts on the new website and what we can add, subtract or do better to help you in your journey with the Enneagram. Till then, walk gently and with purpose, celebrating a greater Awareness for Life.


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