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The instinctual variants or subtypes - Join us to learn more


The instinctual variants or subtypes – Join us to learn more

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Being at the recent IEA International Enneagram Conference in San Francisco, we noticed a strong inquiry into the nature of instinctual variants or subtypes. They are thought to profoundly effect the way in which our type gets expressed in the world.  There are at least three perspectives of instinctual variants (subtypes), that impact our enneatype structures. Some theorists suggest that any perceived or real threat to our subtype variant (of which there are three) will compromise the higher expression of our  type structure.  Basically this means the if our self preservation needs, one to one bonding needs, or social or affiliation needs are threatened, we will move into the reactivity of our type structure.

Other theorists, in particular Beatrice Chestnut PhD, building on the work of Claudio Naranjo, suggests that there are 27 discrete archetypes.
What we are starting to see in the latest research and theories, is that Instinctual Variants or Subtypes, are a strong central theme and a profound key in the liberation from type structure.
Join us as we explore this deeper layer of the work in furthering our movement toward liberation. Our next workshop is on Saturday, 16 August 2014 where this material will be further explored.  enneagramhq.com/courses
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