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Ethical Guidelines IEA

Enneagram HQ adheres to and promotes the International Enneagram Association (IEA) – General Ethical Guidelines. An abbreviated form taken from the IEA Guidelines (internationalenneagram.org) follows. 

IEA – General Ethical Guidelines

The Enneagram can be used by individuals and professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including educators, business consultants, artists, therapists, spiritual directors, and medical professionals; all of whom use it in an increasing range of contexts and applications. Because the Enneagram is such a powerful and profound system for understanding the human character, it is important that those who use the system with others do so in a values-based, ethical manner.

We encourage each professional to use the Enneagram within his or her areas of training and expertise. For example, we expect that business consultants would use the system for organization development, team building, and leadership training; coaches might use it with clients to help them improve their personal and interpersonal effectiveness and work performance. Neither a business consultant nor a coach would typically do psychotherapy with individuals who have serious emotional problems, such therapy being the domain of licensed psychologists and other mental health professionals. Coaches and consultants using the Enneagram should follow the same practices. Likewise, those using the Enneagram in the business arena should have some expertise in business-consulting engagements.

  1. The Enneagram of personality types is primarily an instrument for self-knowledge and personal transformation.
  2. Any individual who advertises himself or herself as an Enneagram teacher or expert shall have the requisite education in the Enneagram system to do so and shall apply the Enneagram system exclusively within their area(s) of professional expertise.
  3. The Enneagram is a work in progress, so individuals shall be explicit in giving credit to the work of others. Individuals shall cite their sources when teaching and communicating about the system.
  4. Type does not fully describe an individual.
  5. We allow others to discover themselves as much as possible.
  6. The Enneagram inspires compassion for others; it should not be used as a tool for stereotyping people.
  7. No individual owns the Enneagram.
  8. The system encourages teachers and practitioners to ‘walk the talk’ of transformation.
  9. We can and should be a source of help for one another.  It is important to listen respectfully to different points of view and communicate honestly in exploring the possibilities of awakening connected with Enneagram teachings.

To read these guidelines in full, please visit internationalenneagram.org

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