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Landscapes and Conversations That Transform

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The times they are a changing' Bob Dylan

The times they are a changin’ Bob Dylan

I’ve been in Minneapolis the last four days for Board commitments with the International Enneagram Association (IEA) and as usual it’s been full on. Days of meetings with a lot of conversations. The above image is from a giant Bob Dylan mural which fills a wall on the corner of 5th Street and Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis.  The times they are a changin’ – Dylan wrote the song as a deliberate attempt to create an anthem of change for the time; and with change comes disruption.

The streets of Minneapolis are in a state of disarray, with road works on nearly every street in the Downtown, from sunrise till after sundown. Trucks, dust, construction. We are in the height of the summer here and they have to do their work while they can, as its way too cold to do any works like this in the winter.

I was watching a video of Bishop TD Jakes on the plane coming over here from San Francisco. He said ‘when you hold onto your History, you do so at the expense of your Destiny’. It somehow really struck a cord with me. How often do I hang onto ‘stuff’ from the past – situations, people, issues – and play that video over and over in my head – often at the expense of my destiny.

Being in the Central Australian Desert a few weeks ago, made me see the ancient wisdom of the land. It doesn’t matter how old the history, in Australia’s case some 40,000 years old, you can’t ultimately hold onto your history. Even the land is in a constant state of renewal. Storm, floods, the heat, the winds. Just like the streets of Minneapolis, being renewed and repaired, letting go of what’s broken, what’s outdated, not serving the City’s purpose and renewing it with something that’s more updated, more relevant. Doing so causes disruption, inconvenience, distress but still it needs to be done; it needs to change.

The theme of The IEA conference this year, is ‘Conversations that Transform’. Conversations that heal, enable, befriend, encourage.How often do I not have the conversations I need to have, because I won’t let go of my own history. Each day is different, unique, born out of the previous day’s history, which at that moment is creating tomorrow’s history. I urge you, as I do myself, to embrace your history, not anoint it, but acknowledge it to be the vehicle to the present so we can be open to what destiny is calling us to be.

The Loft Five Dock, City of Canada Bay

Traditional Meeting Places and the Ancient Wisdom of the Enneagram

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“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love … and then we return home.” Aboriginal Proverb

I’m on my way to Minneapolis for the International Enneagram Association Conference 2016. I’m looking forward to seeing my fellow Board members for our three day meeting before the IEA Conference. As I travel on the plane I’ve had more time to reflect on Enneagram HQ’s The Way of the Arrows Workshops: Engaging the Enneagram’s Power and Momentum and Retreat with international Enneagram Expert Uranio Paes held in June 2016 at The Loft Five Dock and the retreat in Central Australia with Frank Ansell, traditional medicine man from the Arrente community in Central Australia.

I think it is significant that we acknowledge the ancient wisdom of the traditional landholders. The Loft Five Dock is in the City of Canada Bay, where we met for these Workshops, and is part of the traditional lands of the Wangal clan, one of the 29 tribes of the Eora nation.

Traditionally, the lives of the Wangal people were strongly focused around the Harbour and its foreshore. The local area of Hen and Chicken Bay, where The Loft is situated, was traditionally a major meeting place for Aboriginal people from Port Jackson and the wider Sydney region and as such is a significant cultural and historical site.

So, I think its serendipitous that the Workshops were held in an area that was traditionally a major meeting place for Aboriginal people and we subsequently worked on the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram theory at another indigenous meeting place at our retreat in Central Australia.


Central Australia

Central Australia

We pay our respects to Elders past and present on whose land we meet.

At The Way of the Arrows Workshops Uranio got to work with each in turn, within the circle of the group’s attention, drawing on the Enneagram’s innate momentum, symbolic and systemic power to shine a light on our deep heart needs. The overall comments of the participants was that they’re feeling really moved by the work Uranio is doing. It’s taking the work of the Enneagram to a new level.

As a mentor and teacher I thank Uranio for bringing this transformational work here to Australia and know the changes will still resonate weeks and months later. Working with the arrows and the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram theory is to open up a new opportunity to flourish. I now look forward to meeting my fellow colleagues at the International Enneagram Association where we will discover further conversations that change and transform.


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The Consciousness Experience in the Deserts of Central Australia

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Having completed The Consciousness Experience Retreat in the Deserts of Central Australia with leading Enneagram facilitator and intuitive Uranio Paes and Frank Ansell, traditional medicine man from the Arrernte community in Central Australia, some 2 weeks ago, I have some time to reflect on the experience and its meaning to integrate it into my consciousness. I was looking over some notes that I took on the plane coming home. I’d like to share them with you.

‘These past five days in the Australian desert have been an opportunity to ground my being in the vastness of the Land. I’ve visited significant sacred sites of our indigenous people and have had to “go with the flow”. I’ve experienced the profound energy work of Uranio Paes. I have made the time a real pilgrimage experiencing the vastness of Country, vastness of Uluru and the Kata Tjuta. This experience has certainly made me re-evaluate the importance I place on me, and my place in this vast system we call the Universe. We are so insignificant on one hand, yet so significant when I think of the contribution I can make to this world.

The ‘inter-connectedness’ of all things becomes so obvious when you are in the Desert. We experienced a massive thunder storm, with rain like I have never seen; within minutes that water fed into a creek which then flooded and cleaned out the debris which we had seen that morning. The thunder display lit up the sky. The ferocity of the rain and wind, the force of the torrent of water which formed in the creek, all juxtaposed in the clean quiet of dawn after the storm. A still freshness filled the air and it was as if a new creation was about to begin.

So, my insights from these few days are –

  • things come and go;
  • there are times we need turmoil for a quiet peace to exist;
  •  I know so little about the intimate and fragile relationship of humankind and the Land, and
  • Silence: the great value of silence which can literally deafen you with its force. Silence enables us to listen; listen to the sound around us and the messages from within us which so often gets drowned out with the noise of everyday life.

Go to Central Australia and experience the wisdom it has to offer in it’s vast silence and landscape. And if you have the opportunity to participate in a Workshop with Uranio Paes, do so, and know that you are in for a transformative experience.


The Way of the Arrows – Uranio Paes – Enneagram Workshop

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Engaging the Enneagram’s Power and Momentum

“Our inner state of being defines our life. We produce everything in our lives; not the other way around”

We have now completed the first workshop with Uranio Paes here in Sydney Australia. Everyone who attended many from interstate experience Uranio’s unique and highly experiential approach to Enneagram work, grounded in Wisdom Tradition and fortified with intellectual rigour. Held at The Loft Five Dock, the session was inspiring and transformative for all of the participants, I would like to thank all those who attended and made this a very special workshop to start Uranio’s first time working in Australia.

We are now in the desert of Central Australia at Ross River undertaking the Consciousness Experience with Uranio Paes and traditional medicine man Frank Ansell, where we hope to discover and how to live from the place of conscious authenticity and how we respond and not react to situations and relationships in line with our values, ethics, honesty and integrity.

I am excited to see what we discover during this spiritual place and time together.

Additionally, I would love to share some words from one of our participants, Hilary Langford. Who sums up the experience of the first The Way of the Arrows workshop.

 A Reflection on

The Way of the Arrows Workshop with Uranio Paes at ‪#‎EnneagramHQ

“It’s taken me a few hours to try to verbalise what I gained from the 3 day, The Way of the Arrows Workshop, with Uranio Paes in Sydney at Enneagram HQ. I have decided it’s impossible.
I have come to the conclusion that it is too much to explain! But I can say –

  • Was it the deeper understanding of the instincts … As if, for the first time, I am truly getting how my stacking impacts my type?
  • Was it his understanding of the ‘Stations’ of the Enneagram diagram (from his profound 4th Way background) that gave me a whole new understanding of the journey and depth of growth this Enneagram journey brings to us?
  • Was it the intuitive and deeply respectful way Uranio worked with each of us, separately, so that we worked through the, previously, ‘too hard’ issues?
  • Or was it merely the satisfaction of making more logical connections on this never ending Enneagram journey?

And the amazing participants whose openness and deep support made this a transformative journey.

If you have the opportunity to attend something Uranio is conducting, sign up. But I promise it will be quite different from anything you have attended before. That’s why it’s hard to explain. But it was so worthwhile.”

We still have spots remaining for Uranio’s second workshop of The Way of the Arrows at The Loft Five Dock. Please visit our courses page to register for your spot.


“Life is far away from reality. It’s just a collection of projections.”

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The instinctual variants or subtypes – Join us to learn more

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Being at the recent IEA International Enneagram Conference in San Francisco, we noticed a strong inquiry into the nature of instinctual variants or subtypes. They are thought to profoundly effect the way in which our type gets expressed in the world.  There are at least three perspectives of instinctual variants (subtypes), that impact our enneatype structures. Some theorists suggest that any perceived or real threat to our subtype variant (of which there are three) will compromise the higher expression of our  type structure.  Basically this means the if our self preservation needs, one to one bonding needs, or social or affiliation needs are threatened, we will move into the reactivity of our type structure.

Other theorists, in particular Beatrice Chestnut PhD, building on the work of Claudio Naranjo, suggests that there are 27 discrete archetypes.
What we are starting to see in the latest research and theories, is that Instinctual Variants or Subtypes, are a strong central theme and a profound key in the liberation from type structure.
Join us as we explore this deeper layer of the work in furthering our movement toward liberation. Our next workshop is on Saturday, 16 August 2014 where this material will be further explored.  enneagramhq.com/courses

Starting a journey – Enneagram HQ

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Being in the business of Graphics and Design I thought it would be easy creating the look and feel for the Enneagram HQ website. Wrong! I think that when you are creating something for yourself, you suddenly feel much more exposed, more on display. The process of getting the branding together was a long process, going to and fro with ideas, concepts and designs informed by research and data. But then to build the website. I didn’t think that it would be quite the job it was. With all the bells and whistles, our team kept raising the bar higher. And what a height it is! I hope you’ll agree, that the new Enneagram HQ website is stunning. It’s simple, yet sophisticated. You can now become a member of Enneagram HQ online, you can book your next course online, you can become a professional Enneagram HQ member and enjoy a library of over 80 videos on the Enneagram Types all online! You can order books and resources all online, making it a one-stop Enneagram site. And hold on, because there’s more coming each month!

Enneagram HQ hopes to become a hub where people come to learn about the Enneagram, with information and views from all the different Enneagram schools. We hope to share with you current teachings from those who are presenting grounded insightful learnings into the Enneagram and as such lead us into further insights to ourselves. 

Take a look at the new website – become a member to get a taste of what the resource library has in stock for you. It’s an exciting time at Enneagram HQ.

Sitting in the San Francisco airport lounge after having been at the IEA Enneagram Conference (IEA website), my mind is swirling with ideas and courses that we will be presenting in the next 12 months. Stay tuned; in the next two weeks we will let you in on the latest offerings we will presenting over the next 12 months at Enneagram HQ. 

Let me know your thoughts on the new website and what we can add, subtract or do better to help you in your journey with the Enneagram. Till then, walk gently and with purpose, celebrating a greater Awareness for Life.


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