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Enneagram HQ Logo

Enneagram HQ aims to be the trusted resource for anyone who wants to learn about the Enneagram, with the intention of facilitating an Awareness for Life through the wisdom of The Enneagram System.

Enneagram meaning:

Enneagram, from the Greek, ennea meaning ‘nine’ and gramma meaning something ‘written’ or ‘drawn’, is a model of human personality which is a typology of nine interconnected personality types.


Our purpose is simple. We want to contribute to world change for peace through the growth toward our essential self through knowledge of the Enneagram system to encourage an Awareness for Life.

Enneagram HQ has been established by Patrick Kayrooz  and Jutka Freiman with the intention of bringing together learnings and insights from the various schools of the Enneagram to become a hub for Enneagram Resources, Training and Innovation.


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