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Landscapes and Conversations That Transform

Landscapes and Conversations That Transform

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The times they are a changing' Bob Dylan

The times they are a changin’ Bob Dylan

I’ve been in Minneapolis the last four days for Board commitments with the International Enneagram Association (IEA) and as usual it’s been full on. Days of meetings with a lot of conversations. The above image is from a giant Bob Dylan mural which fills a wall on the corner of 5th Street and Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis.  The times they are a changin’ – Dylan wrote the song as a deliberate attempt to create an anthem of change for the time; and with change comes disruption.

The streets of Minneapolis are in a state of disarray, with road works on nearly every street in the Downtown, from sunrise till after sundown. Trucks, dust, construction. We are in the height of the summer here and they have to do their work while they can, as its way too cold to do any works like this in the winter.

I was watching a video of Bishop TD Jakes on the plane coming over here from San Francisco. He said ‘when you hold onto your History, you do so at the expense of your Destiny’. It somehow really struck a cord with me. How often do I hang onto ‘stuff’ from the past – situations, people, issues – and play that video over and over in my head – often at the expense of my destiny.

Being in the Central Australian Desert a few weeks ago, made me see the ancient wisdom of the land. It doesn’t matter how old the history, in Australia’s case some 40,000 years old, you can’t ultimately hold onto your history. Even the land is in a constant state of renewal. Storm, floods, the heat, the winds. Just like the streets of Minneapolis, being renewed and repaired, letting go of what’s broken, what’s outdated, not serving the City’s purpose and renewing it with something that’s more updated, more relevant. Doing so causes disruption, inconvenience, distress but still it needs to be done; it needs to change.

The theme of The IEA conference this year, is ‘Conversations that Transform’. Conversations that heal, enable, befriend, encourage.How often do I not have the conversations I need to have, because I won’t let go of my own history. Each day is different, unique, born out of the previous day’s history, which at that moment is creating tomorrow’s history. I urge you, as I do myself, to embrace your history, not anoint it, but acknowledge it to be the vehicle to the present so we can be open to what destiny is calling us to be.

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